Wrapping Everything Up

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Here we are the end of the quarter, I am now wrapping this part of my blog up.  This whole section has been specifically for a class.  Be on the lookout in the future for artist, album, and concert reviews.  I promise I will not be blogging about what I had for breakfast or what color shoes I decided to wear.  I will leave that for Facebook (on second thought no I won’t, I hate when people talk about useless stuff on public forums such as that).  So if you don’t want to hear about mind numbing, stupid, pointless crap subscribe to my blog and find me on Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/MPLSRosco.  Drop me a line, send me cool links, or interesting topics for me to blog about.  Or tell me I suck, whatever as long as I get people talking.  I leave you now with the music video “Burn It Down” by legendary Minneapolis punk rockers The Suicide Commandos.  In 1977, the fire department decided to burn down the house they used as their practice spot.  So, they decided to shoot a music video with the house burning to the ground in the background.



Finals Week Already!

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I am not really sure how this happens, but every single quarter seems to go by faster than the last one and this quarter was no different.  I am now half way done with my time at IPR and feel that now is the time (if not past the time) for me to really start to make my mark.  I have got to step up my game with digital video, because my final project for that class did not turn out the way I wanted it to.  What is was supposed to be was, I needed to come up with an idea for a movie.  Then based on that idea shoot a 60 second teaser trailer for that idea.  I noticed when editing that there were a few mistakes I made while doing the actual shoot.  One of my other problems came when the night before I planned on shooting the video, we got a whole bunch of snow.  Because of that I had to rewrite some of the scenes on the spot in order to move them from outside to indoors.  Anyways here it is for anyone that is interested to see it.


P.S. Joe “Avey” Sadowski of Pharamoan Productions did the score.


Getting a Domain Name

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So I started researching domain names for availability and pricing.  I was pretty lucky, the first name I researched was available.  Score one for me!  The name I chose is http://www.riggsdiggs.com.  I chose this name because my nickname is Rosco.  Based on the name Rosco, my friends have come up with dozens of variations of that name, one of them being Riggs.  As I was going through different places to actually register the name, I ended with http://www.godaddy.com.  It is only $7.49 per year, and godaddy is pretty well known.  They make the process pretty easy.  Anyways I have not yet registered this name as I am not sure what name I really want to use yet.  This was just of my ideas.  I am still in the process of writing up my business plan and like I said haven’t come up with a definite name yet.

My Own Work

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My work, right now, consists of me trying to find work.  I currently don’t have a job, and no one is hiring.  I look all the job boards online, and whenever a new job listing is posted I apply to it.  Then I get a response saying that they are aren’t hiring.  WTF?!?  Why do these companies post new job listings if they don’t have any positions available?  I also did have a band that I was going to start working for, they needed someone to take care of all of their accounting.  Recently I found something online about them saying they walked out on a contract, were successfully sued, and are now in default so I don’t want to attach my name to them so once again I am back to square one.

Looking to the future, I want to open my own music venue.  It’s going to be a launch pad for local and underground artists.  I will provide merch for them sell at shows, a studio for them to record in, film videos for them, and of course a place for them to play live.  I want to get into artist management and music publishing as well.

Right now the present for me is not looking good, but hopefully the future is going to be brighter for me.  If only I could find a job right now………

Making a Living as a Creative Entity in the Era of Web 2.0

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Being a media professional, how is it possible to make any money at all on the web when there is so much media content being offered for free?  Who wants to pay for something when they can get it for free with just a few clicks of the mouse?  One news site charges a subscription and another doesn’t.  ITunes charges a dollar per song, Limewire is free.  It surely seems unfair for creative professionals to have to compete with “free”.  But unfortunately these are the times we live in, so just have to suck it up and get more creative as far as coming up with ways to make money.


Me being in music, I’m just going to give my music away for free (well at least no money, you will still have to provide an email address).  That way people can get it straight from me instead of getting it elsewhere for free creating that initial bond between me and my fans.  I’ll put a lot of time into my website, making it an experience for fans so that they will keep coming back.  I will also create something special for the super fans.  Sure you get the full album for free, but here is a special package full of cool merchandise and special offers (for a limited time only).  I will also put a lot of effort into physical merchandise for fans, stuff that you can’t download like T-shirts and other apparel, keychains, coffee mugs, mouse pads, whatever I can think of to put my name and face on.  You have to create something special, something that people want, something that they will come back for.  Like Scooter Nelson told me, the music business is no longer the  music business, it is now the T-shirt business.

My Favorite Music Venue

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Right now I feel like writing about my favorite music venue, The Triple Rock in Minneapolis, MN.

The Triple Rock is a punk rock venue owned by punk rockers Gretchen & Erik Funk of the mighty Dillinger Four.  The name was derived from The Triple Rock Baptist Church from the movie “The Blues Brothers”.  The Triple Rock is a small venue that offers an extremely close and personal experience with the bands that play there.  In my opinion it doesn’t get much better than this, I always tend to get so much more out of a show here than if I were to see a concert at The Target Center, Xcel Energy Center, or even First Ave.  I have seen many shows at The Triple Rock, but the absolute most memorable ones were The Street Dogs (whose front man is Mike McColgan, the original lead singer of The Dropkick Murphys), the Casualties (New York Hardcore at it’s best), and most recently the legendary Agnostic Front who are the reason that New York hardcore is what it is today.  Agnostic Front played there on their 25th anniversary tour of their first LP “Victim in Pain”.  They played the entire album front to back along with their first EP “United Blood”.  They played a selection of other songs as well, and with the exception of 2 songs, kept it all old school.  I leave you now with the video “Seeing Double at the Triple Rock” by NOFX.

What has Web 2.o done to our creativity?

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Recently I wrote a paper about what web 2.0 has done to people’s creativity. Has it hut it? Has it helped it? To summarize my findings, I believe that it has done both. I believe that it depends on what kind of a person you as an individual are. If you are lazy and don’t want to put much effort into it, then Web 2.0 will definitely hurt your creativity, but if you are the type of person that likes to rise to the challenge, it will help you. You need to be creative in how you use Web 2.0, your art needs to be creative and you need to creatively come up with ways to be noticed among the endless see of whatever else is out there. Web 2.0 has given everyone a voice and most people choose to use that voice, so if you can’t come up with a way to get noticed among all that other stuff, then you are bound to drown.